Membership Management Service

What does it do...

  • A cloud based membership management service

  • Add members one at a time or as a batch file upload

  • Update address details, phone numbers, email addresses, membership renewal dates, contact preferences, membership types and payment methods and more

  • Find and search member details in seconds with the advanced search mechanism enabling you to list members by post code, surname, membership number and more

  • List membership renewals between from and to dates

  • Add your own membership types and group 'like' members together e.g. gold, silver and bronze

  • Members can login and update their own details saving you time and effort

  • The booking services are linked to the member renewal date to control access to booking schedules

  • Permission based system helps ensure members and administrators have access to the privileges they require


Create and manage your own membership database

Prevent non-paying / subscribing members from making bookings


Accept online payments and subscriptions for bookings and membership renewals

Download your membership database at anytime



Membership Renewals via PayPal, Credit or Debit card

Subscription Payments via PayPal, Credit or Debit card

Door Access Control Onsite Door Control service

Membership Cards Personalised to your club

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