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Most Squash Box Leagues run on a monthly basis. The league is divided into a number of divisions based on ability. Each division will normally have approximately five or six players depending on the number of entries. Each player is responsible for playing all the other players in their league before the league closes, with games played at a time mutually convenient to both players. Normally the top two players are promoted and the bottom two players are relegated, however this may vary slightly depending on the make up of the divisions at the time


  • Record their match results online

  • Rankings within the league are automatically readjusted according to the results your players enter

  • View league match history - old match results are available for all to see

  • Players can contact other league players via email or text message

  • Contact requests are notified by email or text message to their mobile phone

  • Non members are prevented from viewing player's personal details
    (Surname, Phone numbers, etc)

  • Players maintain their own scores and personal information



  • Review and amend match results

  • Add remove and update members

  • Manage league properties such as points allocated for each game won, forfeit etc.

  • Create new Divisions, leagues and league periods

  • Automatically rollover old leagues into new

  • Rollover system automatically moves players up / down into new league period

  • Manually move players up and down a league at a time

  • Upload new members using a csv file

  • Download members to a csv file

  • Batch update all members details

  • Archive none playing members

  • Manage multiple leagues

  • Delegate privilages to other members to help administer the league


Manage multiple leagues

Automatic position ranking at league rollover

Administer your own squash leagues online

Links from your own website


Manage Multiple Leagues

Junior Squash Leagues

Ladies Squash Leagues

Men's Squash Leagues

Mixed Squash Leagues

Double Leagues

The Squash Box League System can manage them all

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